Concert Theatre is a combination form in which classical music and drama are performed live together. Through interweaving, music becomes not just atmospheric underscore, but another language expressed by the musicians – a voice and character in its own right, spoken alongside the actors on the same stage. The two distinct works are presented side by side, to create deeper resonance and complexity of interpretation in each, and a rich complete performance.

Current Work:


The Tenant

Concert Theatre is pleased to announce that Arts Council England, Help Musicians UK, Marine Theatre and Bristol Music Club are supporting our new work, The Tenant. This new work is based on Anne Brontë’s ‘Tenant of Wildfell Hall’ and Scriabin’s 24 Preludes, Mozart’s sonata for piano and violin K. 378, and Brahms’ Rhapsody Op. 79.

There will be three sharings of the R & D material:

Marine Theatre Lyme Regis, Friday 5th February, 3pm
Royal Academy of Music (DJ Hall) London, Sunday 7th February, 3pm
Bristol Music Club Bristol, Thursday 11th February, 3pm

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